Web Scraping API

Web Scraping API

ScrapFox is everything you need for automatic data extraction. Quickly scrape web data without coding and turn web pages into structured data within clicks!

Export data

Export data in XLSX, JSON, and more.

Product, Pricing Data

Web Scraping API

Scrape product prices, availability, reviews, inventory, prominence, reputation from eCommerce websites. Monitor your distribution chain, analyze customer reviews and improve your products and profits with this data.

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By ID or Title

Parameter Required Valid Options Default Value Description
supplierurl Yes <empty> A valid URL from a product
appaccesstoken Yes <empty> Your Api Key . Click HERE to get an API Key
fetchmethod (Only for amazon) No targetlink,prime, new, used, all, buybox targetlink Scrapfox gives the opportunity to select a specific product between so many Amazon sellers.
longdispatchedmethod No none, FDI, LDI none how system recognizes (IS or OOS) the products which usually be dispatched more than normal time.
variationid No <empty> The id of a specific variation
returntype No partial full The data type to return.
*Please note while both "i" and "t" are optional at least one argument is required.
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